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Welcome to My Developer Connection.

Welcome to My Developer Connection. The goal of MDC is to provide programming best practices and tips to developers.

Whether you are a new software developer or an experienced one, I hope you will find something useful in this site. There are three major categories of programming languages and frameworks, where most of the current development is happening :
Java/Scala with some combination of a popular frameworks such as Spring or Play.C# alongside other Microsoft tools or frameworks.JavaScript/TypeScript/ES 5/6 frameworks like Angular2, React.js, Knowout.js, D3.js, Backbone.js. There are tons of libraries and popular frameworks in this area and its evolving very rapidly.Apart from being proficient in one of the above languages/frameworks, today's software developer is expected to know few other common tools and languages.

 The most popular language which every developer must know is Python. It is also a great starting point for learning data science or algorithms in general. Some kn…

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